Digital Humanities 2015

Data Visualisation

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Data Visualisation

In June 2015 I was very lucky to be selected to participate in the Digital Humanities Data Visualisation Workshop in Antwerpen, Belgium. The Workshop was held by the creators of NodeBox, an open source Data-Visualisation Software which enables the creation of graphics through the manipulation of data using a node-based interface. Unlike other data visualisation programs such as Processing one may think of NodeBox as a Visual Programming tool: you can achieve very complex results without writing any line of code. The node-based interface is similar to the one found in high-end software packages such as Houdini, Nuke or XPresso inside Cinema 4D.

loading the Dataset using an "import" node
an index is being created through the "get" node
loading photographs of actors
the pixel values from the pictures are converted to ellipses and the density is defined by the total amount of casualties
a "combine" node assembles all information for each actor
NodeBox Live enables to interact with the produced "movie" with simple Javascript and regular HTML elements
the higher the body count the more precise the mugshot becomes